Christopher Appoldt Photography: Blog en-us (C)Christopher Appoldt Photography (Christopher Appoldt Photography) Tue, 12 Jun 2018 13:59:00 GMT Tue, 12 Jun 2018 13:59:00 GMT Christopher Appoldt Photography: Blog 120 120 Long Island Photographer for Business Headshots Summer's on the doorstep and we're trying to keep up with the corporate event shoots and a multitude of business and marketing photography deliverables, including plenty of new head shots for new attorneys at Certilman Balin. Everyone is always friendly and excited to be signing on with one of the largest firms on the Island, and I'm happy to see the wide-open arms they're all greeted with from their Marketing/Comm lead. 


When launching a new business it's always a good idea to have a marketing plan in place, and with our client featured below we were excited to help her get her health and wellness collateral together for a new campaign. One day, lots of looks and settings means everyone has more than they need - and having fun while we're at it! These will work well into her print and online marketing materials.

Speaking of fun, some bald eagles have set up shop in the vicinity and I've been doing my best to spend some early mornings and late evenings with them for flattering light. They're amazing to watch and learn from, and it's great to know that we now have five breeding pair on the Island. 

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Long Island Commercial Photographer and Event Photography We're psyched to see the new Kong H2O sell sheets, featuring local two- and four-legged talent alike! Fun day of shooting, it's great to see the items go to market. You can buy them online here at the Bampz Site. 


I spent some time with Smithtown Honda's president, Lee Certilman, at his dealership to make portraits of him for a trade magazine cover - super nice guy and and fun folks to know!


Last but never, ever least? I spent the afternoon with the folks at Firstborn as they recognized their own for another years' accomplishments and enjoyed amazing food and drink at Peter Luger's steak house in Brooklyn. A perfect spring day with one of my favorite regulars! 



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Long Island Business Head Shots and Product Photography Spring is rolling in along with a lot of business marketing work, including clients from as far away as Washington. The company's staff work remotely, which means you can live on Long Island and need a marketing photograph for the company's use there in Seattle. These three images were used to illustrate our business marketing capabilities here in Huntington.

I'm excited to send our clients with canine companions to pick up a new Kong H2O, as the product's packaging reflects our photography work (and I may have slipped my dog onto a few hang tags, too). Shop locally, or shop for them at Bampz

And last but by no means least, my favorite portrait from our shoot with Raj Tawny, director of marketing at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre. The theater is independently owned and shows current blockbusters as well as fantastic indy and foreign films. Raj will be happy to tell you all about it! Before it was all over, he was interviewing me for his podcast. Have a listen HERE if you have nothing else to do today - I can be kinda boring, but Raj's enthusiasm carries me a long way! 

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Long Island NY Product and Catalog Photography Happy February! I was just in a toy store (great place - G. Willikers in Katonah, NY) when I saw the owner browsing through a product catalog, and it was one I recognized in a blink as the products in its pages were photographed here over the course of days. Top Trenz continues to crank out the hits with the kids. In fact, our daughter's birthday party was Emoji-themed. Speaking of catalogs, we also came across Nicolock's paver catalog  - also featuring days of work by three of us on-site at their HQ. That was a fun week, and a lot of work. "High intensity interval training" is pretty much named after our job moving the pavers into position, then out, then in, then out, then in.... 




While speaking of Works in print, our Kaya the wonder Chinook made the February 2018 breed calendar! A working sled dog, our studio mascot loves the snow. Also, she loves making me hike in it. And play in it. And freeze in it.


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Happy new year! Between the snow and the holidays and bookings, we've been busy enough for me to wish for another Feb. Florida fishing trip - but it's not going to happen this year as there's just too much going on, and that suits us just fine.  We've been working in the city and some local hospitals quite a bit, making head shots  - but had a fun respite with a local basketball hero returned to market himself for print work. 

We're excited to see our packaging work head to the stores; it was great working with creatives from Kong to bring this cool new item to market - a water canteen with a lid that acts as a bowl. I know I'll be using it on hikes and playtime with our Kaya...! 



And lastly, bore yourself silly listening to me ramble as I answer questions posed by the great Raj Tawney over at the Cinema Arts Centre

Cinema Stories - Christopher Appoldt Interview



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Long Island Business Head Shot Photographer The new site is running well, and the proofing section lets clients pop in via password and make their final selections for retouching and delivery, such as with the gang below - and you can see the results at this link: Walden Environmental Engineering 

Long Island business head shot photographerLong Island business head shot photographerLong Island Business Head Shots


With our first snow on the ground come and gone, December has done its job and brought winter upon us. End-of-year budgets often mean a stampede of businesses updating their web presence or marketing materials, and it was no different these past few weeks with clients calling to have new head shots for incoming staff such as with our friends at Certilman Balin, a fine young man named Dan at Ernst & Young, and some fresh new faces from a new, local immigration attorney firm, coming soon at

Long Island business head shotsLong Island business head shotsLong Island Business Head Shots



We're also still all-business prepping for the holidays. We just participated in an amazing fundraiser where we partnered with local business The Pawfect Pet Den, All proceeds went to The Town of Huntington Animal Shelter, through Give a Dog a Dream. It was a really fun day. Lots of Christmas spirit, goodwill, and of course licks. FYI? Santa was very, very cool. 

Long Island Pet Dog PhotographerLong Island Pet Dog PhotographerLong Island Business Head Shots

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Long Island Event Photographer September and October sure flew by, and we're left with hard drives filled with great memories of people we've met and events we've covered.

We photographed the last wedding of the season for us out on Shelter Island, where our happy couple ended the evening with a personalized fireworks display by Grucci. Super fun day, wonderful guests, amazing band. We wish Jennifer and George all the best! 

We were up in the Catskill Mountains again with Firstborn, recording their team building, laughs, and sweat through events such as tug-of-war, canoe races, and pie eating. Firstborn has once again been named to Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York list, recognized for their diversity, employee perks and education programs, and overall workplace practices and policies. Which also makes them a blast to photograph all day!

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New Website, Long Island Head Shot Photography It's official - we've launched a new website. The domain is the same, but thanks to the way Google and HTML5 works we found ourselves at the tipping point for a complete overhaul. The galleries are a little more interactive, and with our growing demand for wedding and event photography we've had a new logo made, featured at the bottom of the site pages. We'll be tweaking it for a while - so if you see some subtle changes or even if you see something that you think is quirky? Just let us know! 

From attorneys to actors, we've seen a non-stop request string for new head shots. Keeping your LinkedIn, portfolio, or business website up-to-date with fresh, attractive images is a great way to bring in your clients (unless you're me, then you use an old photo because there's no one to make the shot me? Yes! That's why!) We try to provide a series of options for clients, changing the lighting, angle overall presentation about 3 times during a visit to our lenses. That gives you a nice array of choices, and if we change your wardrobe, too, you can leave with several photos in your digital asset bin - offering the opportunity to market yourself a little differently across several platforms.  Long Island Head Shot Photography


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Commercial Photography on Long Island I’m thrilled and honored to announce that I’m now a Brand Ambassador for Photoflex  – a company that’s had its lighting gear in my photography toolbox since Day One. Their light modifiers are a big part of why my photographs look the way they do; they diffuse the light, whether that light is natural or from a strobe. They help me shape it, aim it, and sculpt my subjects with it – whether those subjects have two legs, four legs, or are man-made products that although static still need to look their best. The gear I’ve bought from them over the years remains in perfect working condition, and I love that I can rely on it every time – it’s a good feeling to have when you can’t miss that shot. Take a peek over at their website, HERE, where I humbly appear alongside some great talents in the industry. Also, of course, just write or call if you want some advice on which of their products might help you with your photography!


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Long Island NY Food Photography and Product Photography You can’t knock the fun and science of lighting food for photography. Every set design has a slightly different element and “feel” to it, and with each textured food item or wine glass there’s a subtle way to pull the most flattering look from it. I spent a great afternoon working with the owner and manager of BLVD restaurant working out some new layouts for their advertising, and as a bonus? We managed to eat a few bites, too.

We’re also seeing our images branded with their Star Wars logos, popping up in the aisles in most major chain stores. Have I mentioned I love Star Wars and love having ANYTHING to do with the saga? So cool – as were our young models! Thanks, Jay Franco & Sons!


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Long Island Head Shots and Event Photography The best part about my job is that no two days are the same – which means you’re always excited to get to work, and each job offers its own uniqueness. One morning we’re making portraits and the next we’re wearing suits covering a press conference or summit. Jane came by the studio for some portraits, and now she’s ready to promote herself online and in print.

I can’t emphasize enough how happy we are to walk you through wardrobe and other preparations for your business and promotional portrait sitting.

While every day brings something different and exciting, sometimes we get to revisit familiar faces and places – which is even more fun, as we’re all comfortable with each other. Such was the case this year on our 10th anniversary with Firstborn and Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. Everyone was amazing and fun, as usual! Firstborn will be around the lenses three more times this year – can’t wait to see them again!

Lastly a mention of the just-completed Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit, where world leaders and industrialists, innovators, and scientists get together to present, discuss, and evaluate the future of energy. Mr. Bloomberg was there to discuss his new book on how to organize against climate change, while Rick Perry appeared to address concerns about the Trump Administration’s stance moving forward. It was a busy few days, and an interesting one for Fitbit records! Great to see everyone for the 4th year straight, and we look forward to next year.


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Long Island Corporate Photography and Editorial Photography It’s been a great spring for both business and editorial portraits, with everyone leaving winter behind and keeping their best foot forward for print. Citi had us back to their Long Island City offices for marketing images of their executives again, and little beats the offered light from large windows 40+ floors up.


Local talent Kristen Traganas, authoring her first novel came in and we lit her for the light side and the dark side in this series of images destined for the book’s dust jacket. Links to the completed work soon!


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SleekLens Photoshop Actions Review I recently had the opportunity to try out SleekLens Photoshop actions, with the results illustrated below. I never looked at Photoshop actions as a “crutch,” but often found them to be of limited value save for few exceptions when converting to black and white. There’s just too many variables in a day’s work here to apply a fixed set of color tones or vignettes. I’ve found a few that I like for wedding work, but with SleekLens there’s something I found that I can reliably use with my commercial work, too: Portrait Perfection. Starting with Base Layer color corrections, I can then apply a standard to image sets that don’t go too far. From jobs with large and complex lighting setups such as the image top-left to more simple strobe and reflector work, SleekLens really puts the value on the table and lets me dial in some fun color and lighting effects as well as retouch the subject. Thanks to Jane for sharing – thrilled, here!


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Long Island Pet and Dog Photography It’s been an exciting few months in the world of canine companions, here. We made a trip up to New Hampshire to cover the 100th Birthday of the Chinook breed, near Tamworth where they were first developed. Lots of fun folks, lots of amazing dogs, lots of beautiful settings.

Locally, we’ve only seen a few snowfalls this year – really only one of significance. That doesn’t mean sitting on haunches, though – for dogs or owners. After some fun sledding with the family, out we went.

Which leads us to what it’s like owning a working dog – a breed developed for sleigh pulling in particular. No snow to pull a sleigh in? Well then to exercise, we’ll have to bikejor. And who do you call on Long Island for bikejoring? Paul Kearney at, that’s who. Wild fun, and more to come!



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Long Island Business Photography Yet another great visit here by the folks at Cerini & Associates, where we continued making portraits of their staff for their marketing and website needs. Always happy here to meet their new hires (and in some cases their veteran staff with new haircuts!).

Also, on Christmas Eve – an uncommon, warm day but with very common smiles and warmth we met with the Muellers for their family portrait. Such a fun bunch – we also made a quick video.

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Long Island Event Photography The holidays are almost behind us, with a lot to remember and also forget about 2016! It’s easy to remember with the aid of pictures, though!

We just spoke with Bloomberg’s event crew, ensuring we’d again provide the event coverage for the upcoming Future of Energy Summit in 2017. The images go straight to the marketing materials, blog, Twitter, and website.


I’m personally looking forward to the Chinook Centennial celebration in New Hampshire, when the breed turns 100 years old. I’m going to wear out a shutter for that one:



And lastly, one smiling faces from Garfunkel & Wild law firm – corporate/business head shots for website updates!:


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Long Island Pet and Dog Photography November offered a few hurdles, here. I was unexpectedly declared a hospital patient for a few weeks while the docs tinkered with me a bit. Nothing to brag about, and no lectures on health for the casual or regular readers here – just glad the docs know their stuff these days, and I sure appreciate the understanding of any clients that had to hold off a bit due to my absence. Thanks for your loyalty and patience!


With all of that said, we’ve been having a lot of fun. Certilman Balin continues to hire some amazing law talent, and then send them over here for their photo workover for press releases and marketing. Darren was no exception in any of the talent or charm departments.


Our ties to the Chinook community are only becoming stronger, and we’re really looking forward to the breed’s 100th Birthday celebration up in New Hampshire  – cameras will be tearing through their shutters, I assure you! We had a few images of our Kaya end up in the breed calendar, too. Great fun. Here’s Ukko, who’s as stoic as he is playful.


Speaking of our four-legged friends, we’re just about out of time to get your holiday cards made with images of your furriest (or two-legged!) family members – give us a call soon before the holidays are upon us!


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Long Island Editorial and Advertising Photography I spent a full day upstate with the fun and friendly crew from Firstborn, a company and talent pool of great people we’ve been working with for just about ten years now. Ice skating, Peter Luger’s steak house, anniversary parties, racetrack events and corporate events are all par for the course, but this year they decided a weekend, overnight retreat was in order. Very, very cool.

Long Island NY Event Photography

Susan’s layout came in from First for Women magazine, that’s fun to see pop up in print:

First for Women

Gina has been here to the studio first with her products for photographing, then herself for a portrait  as she launches her business, marketing campaign and website selling an all-natural skin care lineup. Having survived cancer and authored a book about the subject, it’s amazing to work with her and learn about her approach to her product, and her new lease on life. Long Island product and Portrait Photography

Long Island product and Portrait Photography 9

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Long Island Editorial Photography We had a blast meeting the legend that is Alan Cumming, who offered the lenses all sorts of fun stuff for his portrait sitting. These are un-retouched shots from the contact sheet, and I’m sure you’ll find a few of the final selections on my website’s Portfolio pages within a few weeks. Check out his new book – it’s great! Christopher Appoldt AC

While on the editorial vein, we just finished our first shoot with First for Women magazine, and I’m excited to see the images in print. Susan has a great story to share, and while not a fan of limelight thought her story was worth the smiles – we agree.Long Island Editorial Photography

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Long Island Pet and Animal Photography It’s been a hot August, and thankfully most everything has been in-studio in the air conditioning. As September looms we’re headed to weddings, Manhattan to CitiCorp, and starting up with the season’s outdoor family portraits. Meanwhile, we finished up delivery for the fun gang over at KFA Dental, including these shots that will be printed on canvas to fill their wall space – happy, smiling clients.

Long Island Business Marketing Photography

We’re also excited to see a lot of our work up on Metpar’s site, after a full day of commercial photography featuring their partition wares. Stainless steel is very reflective, and we had a definite goal in mind – so scrims were the order of the day.

Long Island NY Product Photography


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