Long Island Editorial and Advertising Photography

October 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Recently we visited the offices of Dr. Leon Klempner, where our assignment was to capture him and his patient Saline, who suffers a facial deformity resulting from NOMA, a flesh-eating bacterial disease. The doc founded Smile Rescue Fund for Kids, where monies are raised to bring international children to the States for corrective surgery. Saline, from Africa, lives in a little village that can only be reached on foot, and seemed delighted to poke at an iPad in Dr. Klempner’s Port Jefferson offices between surgeries performed by Klempner. She was a gorgeous subject for portraits, and her smile made our day. The images are destined for an upcoming magazine article on Dr. Klempner, but don’t hesitate to get involved here before I post that link.

One of the most challenging aspects of making photographs on location is the lighting; for this shot of a catering team in action, we had to match the existing lighting of the room, so that there wouldn’t be a color shift, then determine our exposure, then add a series of supplemental lights to balance our image with the prominent subject. We have four strobes in this scene, ensuring the image had depth and commercial appeal for its purpose in the facility’s literature. It’s like a puzzle to put together, and one of my favorite aspects of photography – keeps the ‘ol noodle sharp, all the while under a time crunch to get as many options for the client as you can. Oh and if you haven’t secured the DeSeversky Center for an event? Do it…