Product and Editorial Photography on Long Island

November 07, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Victor and I had a fascinating gig over in Freeport, at a lab that’s been making teeth – yes, chompers – for people for a few decades. I learned a lot – about ceramics, finishes, kilns, and just what it takes to make a custom set of teeth for someone who needs it. Having just checked the mirror and counted, I’m okay for a while… but if you do need a new set, or even just one, zirconium is the new way to go. Tougher than ceramics and finished to be indistinguishable from your prior teeth, the Zirlux brand is featured on the upcoming Advanstar product guide for 2014. It’s Victor’s composition, he says, that made it to the cover shot. I dunno… but it was a good day of lighting with snoots, grids, and soft boxes to highlight the macro shots we made that day. I’m really thrilled with the 36 megapixel Nikon D800, which  handled the job wonderfully.

We’re headed for winter, so goodbye to our outdoor sporting shots of the tennis crew over at NYIT – the images were a blast to make, and by “blast” I mean we had to pull out some big strobes to overpower the sun. This is one of my favorites, and we’re working on some football player images to match. But for now, off to rake the leaves and gear up for some engagement photos.