Model headshots on Long Island

February 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

OK seriously – enough with the winter weather. I’m starting to watch everyone I know suffer the doldrums from this onslaught of cold and snow, and it’s all I can do to think of April and robins…

That said, headed into 2014 we’ve been busy, especially with our corporate work – head shots, office images, and products. Ditto for the editorial work. But too, we’ve been shooting a line of kids’ clothing products, and in the process we’ve made a bunch of new friends as they return to bulk up their portfolios. Especially with my own adorable toddler running around, it’s been a lot of rewarding fun working with all of the kids!

Long Island Model Portfolio Photography


I went to the mailbox today to find that my Nikon Professional Membership delivered me a new card and a pin, commemorating their 40 years of service. Nikon Professional Services are a great asset for us, here – repairs are priority for us, which means we can get back to work, and whenever we need some specialty gear for a job they’re happy to send over a loaner. Cheers, Nikon Gang – glad to have you as an asset- and a big brother!

long island professional photographer