Long Island New York Product Photography

June 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The fine folks over at Jay Franco & Sons have been keeping us busy with their Disney line of kids’ hoodie towels and blankets, sleeping bags, etc. A lot of fun, and certainly close to home with our little Katie having already had a few before the client even approached us (nothing beats having your daughter make corresponding animal noises in the mirror, wearing a hoodie animal towel, after a bath! Katie’s best one is the lion – ROAR!). The shoots are always fun, and it’s great to be pushing the shopping cart down the aisles at Target or Toys R Us and see photos you made of local families’ kids smiling back at you. Long-Island-New-York-Product-Photography


Also, we were thrilled to return to Dr. Leon Klempner’s offices to see Saline, whose surgeries were progressing well. In fact, the doc just sent a status update – she’s returned to her village in Nairobi, where she hugged her sibling and wouldn’t let go, having missed her so much with all of the time passed since she came here to New York to have her surgeries performed. I’m sure everyone who helped support Saline’s surgeries and Dr. Klempner’s mission to make it happen will miss her, and certainly we’ll never forget her over here, either. Best of luck to you, Saline…! The following was just published in the Tufts University alumni magazine… Long-Island-NY-Editorial-Photography-Magazine