Long Island Photographer – Business Head Shots

October 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As I type, we’re wondering what the first hurricane threat of the year might produce (I wonder if Mr. Phoenix gave his permission for the name use?). At this point I’m honestly just glad it’s finally raining for the sake of the lawn and new trees I put in the yard, though I certainly looked like a wet rat last night as I showed up with the camera bags at Fox Hollow, and today at a press conference. I don’t know why I thought the rain would be drier.

Our friends and regulars over at Garfunkel & Wild had us back to make portraits of their attorneys staffing their new Albany offices, and they couldn’t have been nicer. There’s no real trick to having a great day there – the load-in is easy with the elevators, the receptionist is quick to smile and make sure we’re settled, and hey – electrical outlets in the floors of the conference rooms. Now that, my dear readers, is strobe-friendly.

Long Island Business Head Shots 5

On the topic of portraits, we had an amazing time marking an important birthday for Nellie here in the studio. She was nervous and excited all at once, and no amount of chit chat, music, or assurances seemed to get the edge off. So, I made funny faces. That worked! Happy birthday, Nellie – you look awesome!

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