Editorial Photographer on Long Island, NY

August 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

July 2015 was our busiest month in a decade, so I guess we’re doing something right! Little downtime meant a lack of leisure for a warm summer month, though I feel we made up for it meeting some amazing people doing some amazing things. From the editorial photography end, we made almost a dozen trips around the Island and Manhattan. Shown standing at left, the good Dr. Gold is a sleep specialist, running his Stony Brook clinic with a sardonic wit and sharp intellect – his staff had us laughing a lot, too, and with room after room of cozy and comfortable looking beds my lack of sleep for this shoot was getting the better of me. Shown on the right is NYU’s Dr. Shetye, whose specialty is orthodontic reconstruction. Treating patients in need of repairs to a cleft palette and more, his offices put the smile back on your face – literally. Both subjects’ photographs will be featured on magazine covers in the upcoming weeks, I’ll get those up on here or my site when I see them. Great to meet them both…

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