SleekLens Photoshop Actions Review

March 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently had the opportunity to try out SleekLens Photoshop actions, with the results illustrated below. I never looked at Photoshop actions as a “crutch,” but often found them to be of limited value save for few exceptions when converting to black and white. There’s just too many variables in a day’s work here to apply a fixed set of color tones or vignettes. I’ve found a few that I like for wedding work, but with SleekLens there’s something I found that I can reliably use with my commercial work, too: Portrait Perfection. Starting with Base Layer color corrections, I can then apply a standard to image sets that don’t go too far. From jobs with large and complex lighting setups such as the image top-left to more simple strobe and reflector work, SleekLens really puts the value on the table and lets me dial in some fun color and lighting effects as well as retouch the subject. Thanks to Jane for sharing – thrilled, here!