New Website, Long Island Head Shot Photography

September 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's official - we've launched a new website. The domain is the same, but thanks to the way Google and HTML5 works we found ourselves at the tipping point for a complete overhaul. The galleries are a little more interactive, and with our growing demand for wedding and event photography we've had a new logo made, featured at the bottom of the site pages. We'll be tweaking it for a while - so if you see some subtle changes or even if you see something that you think is quirky? Just let us know! 

From attorneys to actors, we've seen a non-stop request string for new head shots. Keeping your LinkedIn, portfolio, or business website up-to-date with fresh, attractive images is a great way to bring in your clients (unless you're me, then you use an old photo because there's no one to make the shot me? Yes! That's why!) We try to provide a series of options for clients, changing the lighting, angle overall presentation about 3 times during a visit to our lenses. That gives you a nice array of choices, and if we change your wardrobe, too, you can leave with several photos in your digital asset bin - offering the opportunity to market yourself a little differently across several platforms.  Long Island Head Shot Photography



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