What a photographer on Long Island has been up to lately.

Editorial Photographer on Long Island, NY, Education and University Photography

March 03, 2021
It's March! And it's almost warm. ALMOST. I'll quickly mention an assignment for The New York Institute of Technology at their Old Westbury campus: "See if you can bring us some images of a day in the life of the campus in the snow." Challenge accepted... and hands and toes absolutely frozen. Great people there - it's very sad to see the place so e...
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Long Island Editorial Photographer

February 03, 2021
One of my photos will greet you on the news stands this month within the latest issue of Imbibe, featuring a shot from a fun session with Dan Pashman that we made for his podcast The Sporkful. If you haven't already, check out what Dan's talking about over at http://www.sporkful.com/
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Best Pet Photographer on Long Island!

January 09, 2021
I'm really excited to announce that we came in as the winner of the Best Pet Photographer on Long Island in the annual "Best of" contest! It's been almost 20 years since I first started photographing dogs and birds for books, magazines, calendars and greeting cards. Years of working to help charities and animal shelters certainly helped me hone the...
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Dental Office Photography on Long Island

January 06, 2021
For over ten years now we've been working with Doctors Kahn, Ferrari, and Aldieri (KFA Dental) at their offices in Farmingdale - and one repeat portrait subject pulled his canvas off the practice wall to prove it, as illustrated in the image on this post. This time was a bit different with the pandemic rules, but we still managed to make them a fun...
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Long Island Portrait Photography and Head Shots

December 01, 2020
Earlier this week Camila was kind enough to forward the results of our shoot for Top 100... she was a lot of fun to work with and without a doubt this won't be the last we hear of her! Arielle is a talented writer and photographer (def check her Instagram feed if you're hungry) who's sat for us before, and of course I was happy to reunite for an...
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Long Island NY Branding Photography and Head Shot Portraits

November 18, 2020
Nicole's headed into law school and needed some head shots for LinkedIn, resume needs, and more... so we put together an hour-long personal branding session, covering all the bases. The evenings are getting cool, but we'll be doing this all winter under the safest conditions we can create while meeting NYS regs for working with the threat of the co...
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Long Island Portrait Photographer - Marketing and Promotion!

October 12, 2020
Dan Pashman is the mind behind The Sporkful, a multiple award-winning podcast about food and everything food-related. If you're not familiar, I can't recommend it enough as it delivers much more than cooking tips or the same 'ol. After some careful planning and scouting Dan brought the show's humor and enthusiasm to the outdoor set, letting us cre...
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Re-opening under NYS Phase 2

June 11, 2020
We're back! It's been a long shut-down, keeping our clients, ourselves, and our families safe from potential infection with the Coronavirus. We've missed you - and look forward to getting back to it with safety in mind... with no sacrifice to our creative abilities. The approach will have a few more steps, but we'll all be safer for it. Looking for...
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Long Island Head Shot Photographer

March 09, 2020
We've been ever-busy helping everyone from local businesses to actors getting their head shots updated - a benefit to marketing and promotional efforts in today's online media and print. Cerini & Associates CPA firm, Frisch Financial Group, and Crawford & Acharya are just a few of our recent clients - welcome! Harrison's mom brought him in for...
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Long Island NY Pet Photography

January 02, 2020
Happy New Year! It's 2020, and we have plenty to shout about as the decade kicks off. I'll admit it's tough to keep up with posting all of our shoots, which too are covered on our Instagram and Facebook pages - definitely do a quick search and follow along in those places, too, for weekly updates and samples of our brand. We're immersed in pet pho...
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Long Island Pet Photographer and Business Head Shots

November 24, 2019
It's been a crazy autumn! We've knocked out some large head shot and business marketing photography for Melville and Happaugue clients, as well completing work for several other businesses in suffolk. All of those images will make it to an upcoming blog post for certain, but too we've been up to our ears in fun, fuzzy dogs - so can't forget to ment...
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Business Marketing Photographer on Long Island, NY

August 19, 2019
We're trying out some new 20-25 second video spots for marketing value, and sprinkling them around the Internet. Enjoy a few from recent shoots!
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Event Photographer on Long Island

June 10, 2019
Spring brings emergence and rebirth to the event world here, too, where we put on either or running shoes or our polished ones to suit the crowd, or client as deemed fit. The Creek Club in Locust Valley saw me at their beach clubhouse for St. Francis Hospital's annual golf tournament and fundraiser, which was a perfect day for photography on the No...
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Pet Photography on Long Island

May 10, 2019
We've been enjoying ourselves - and we're sure our clients have too - with the arrival of warmer weather and lots of photo shoots with Long Island dogs! We've been on the beaches, in the woods, fields, and studio creating some fun and gorgeous portraits as well as action shots of some amazing pups. Every now and then we get asked how the pet photo...
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Long Island NY Head Shots and Pet Portraits

April 06, 2019
It's warming up and nature is letting us know it! As usual we're starting to fill up with outdoor pet sittings for late April and May when the great outdoors really lets things get photogenic - call or write and get your pet session booked ASAP! This is that one time of year it really matters, and we've got some amazing products on wood and metal a...
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